Systems Developer

As a Systems Administrator for San Francisco State University Computer Science department during my last few years in college I was responsible for the upper division computer science lab. This is where my true love for Linux and open source really developed, a community of like minded hackers worked together there to make the best of the limited resources we had. If I had moved into the server room I could have saved all the financial aid that I spent on rent. I miss the environment and community we intentionally created there.


  • Provided network and host security to an environment where there was previously none. This involved putting the lab behind an iptables firewall and designing a user and host security policy that was enforced centrally.
  • Designed a centralized authentication system leveraging a LDAP server to store user credentials, and configured all Linux, Windows, Solaris, and Macintosh clients to authenticate against the server.
  • Implemented a mechanism for providing transparent access for users to their home directories on a network file server regardless of which operating system they were logged into.
    Developed a web front end to manage user accounts as well as printing and file system quotas. The operators of this front end were lab managers.