Software Engineer

I was a Software Engineer for PRN on the in store development team. As a team we were responsible for the software end of an advertisement display and management system.

  • Supported and enhanced in store display management software. This was a suite of applications written Perl and PHP leveraging apache and MySQL on a windows platform.
  • Re-factored and managed a content distribution reporting tool. This involved normalizing and extending a schema on a oracle database, writing a database abstraction class in Perl, and factoring out database specific code from Perl and PHP applications. Contributed as team lead for this project; working directly with QA, writing installation tools, and documentation.
  • Wrote a library for television set top box control. This involved refactoring existing code to use OOP design patterns allowing a generic interface for a number of different set top box devices that each utilized different application protocols for communication. This project was written in activestate Perl on a windows platform.
    Debugged windows MFC message handling code for a streaming application using c++ and Visual Studio .Net.