Systems Administrator

I worked as a Systems Administrator for The Women's Building in San Francisco. The Women's Building is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-service center for women and girls. My work there was on a volunteer basis as part of a independent study at SFSU. Their network was a collection of windows workstations and a Linux box for administration. The requirements for their system were beyond their budget which led to the development of a web application and some unruly hacks. Open source solutions were considered but were not implemented because of the amount of time and knowledge required to maintain them.

  • Implemented a web application to facilitate a high level of access control on a dynamic collection of business documents. To accomplish this PHP, Apache, and Linux were leveraged.
  • Configured and installed modest backup system and corrected errors as they arose.
  • Provided basic technical support, system installations, hardware consolidation, and network administration.