Systems Administrator

I Worked for DAJA International LLC, a company that helps manage parking solutions, as a systems administrator.


  • Provided comprehensive research on the current and expected technology needs of the company, comparing and contrasting different solutions. Because it was a priority that the TCO be minimized, and that the company maintain control over their assets in house, open source solutions were recommended where applicable, as well as a full time systems administrator.
  • Implemented up a backup solution, leveraging Symantec Backup Exec 11d, to provide bare bones restore of Microsoft clients, and Windows 2000 Server, where backups are sent to local and offsite storage arrays.
  • Migrated the companies web server and email service off of valueweb to a collocated server running CentOS, Apache, and Postfix. Postfix was configured to pull email addresses from MySQL. To ease the use of account maintenance a custom web application, called emailDBAdministration, was written to help manage the email addresses hosted by the mail server.
  • Detailed documentation on systems components and their configuration was written on a internal copy of MidiaWiki, which was also slated to be used as a tool to help employees document the details of their job requirements.
  • Implemented a proactive monitoring and alerting system leveraging Nagios.
  • Helped find and interview potential a full time systems administrator, and trained employees.