Web Developer

Symantec is a corporate behemoth most well known for it's anti virus software and Veritas products (volume manager, clustered file system, etc).

The Stack Level Integration (SLI) team at Symantec was looking for a way to consolidate the test results of a number of other QA teams at Symantec. They were looking for an automated system for collecting information on a large number of interrelated data points, a flexible mechanism for viewing the data from many different perspectives have, have it written in PHP, and to have it online in less then three months.

Considering the deadline, they needed to leverage some web development framework. Drupal 7 was not considered because of it's development status, Drupal 6 was not considered because of the amount of custom SQL that would have to be written, so the only other choice was CakePHP.

After I designed the schema to model their data and problem set, getting some initial views into the database was a breeze with "cake bake". For doing automated imports "cake shells" leveraged the generated models to import data from many different log files. Learning the ins and outs of working with HABTM relationships through the Models was challenging at first, but allowed me to not have to write tons of terse custom SQL.