Software Engineer

Digital Structures is a structural engineering firm in Berkeley run by Doug Stock that specializes in providing structural engineering consulting for offshore oil drilling platforms. Doug Stock has written a massive application in FORTRAN for generating reports about the expected performance of structures provided in different environments.

One of the recent offerings Digital Structures has is consulting that results from sea state date collected from platforms currently at see. To do this the DSIMMS suite is deployed on a structure. The DSIMMS suite consists of a number of custom hardware devices (TERNs) that record movement in three dimensions. On a regular basis the central DSIMMS-cc application will connect to the devices over a radio modem and collect the recorded data.

The DSIMMS-cc is a C application running on a FreeBSD box that manages access to the TERNs, collects recorded data, and provides some simple filtering functionality. I have been called in a few times to fix bugs in this application, writing misc tools for managing backups, writing technical documentation, and configuring the office network.