Software Developer

Funny Monkey says "We strive to create software that enhances the learning process for all participants: students, teachers, parents, and administrators. The ideals listed below help guide our thinking as we develop software."

I really liked working with this team. When I first got a call from Bill Fitzgerald, the client facing guy and author of Drupal for Education and E-Learning, about working with the team I was working at Symantec and was about to give up on working with computers professionally all together. He stressed they were not going to take any .mil contracts, they were not interested in cultivating a corporate environment, and that sometimes that had their meetings on bicycles. I nearly cried.

  • Configuring their Apache Solr server to provide Faceted search in Drupal. You can read more about this from Drupal perspective here.
  • Adding functionality to the Demo module. This module allows for backing up and resetting a site to pre-configured checkpoints. It currently does all this from the perspective of the database and not the files. After some initial work on this, the team decided to go with the backup_migrate as it is a better fit for their requirements.
  • Adding functionality to the Journal module. The team hopes to make use of this module, with a few enhancements to write integrated documentation for sites. I was tasked with Adding tags, Exporting entries, and some bug fixes.
  • Porting og_custom_block module to D6 and adding Solr integration.
  • Writing a custom module called Question/Response. This module simple chains in the webform module, and the built in book module, while adding some navigational and administrative niceities.
  • Start: