Project Manager

The March-Hare Communications Collective is a volunteer mutual benefit organization that is dedicated to promoting emerging communications technology for the use of public organizing of grass-roots groups and non-governmental organizations.

I was responsible for managing the direction of the custom IT solutions for the collective. Specific application development tech nologies used were: Drupal, Kohana, Ushahidi, as well as a custom mobile app for Andoid, and iOS deployment to respective stores and development via Appcelerator.

Details of the solutions the group is currently supporting can be found on the github page.

Here are a few of the things I worked on:

  • Building a customize-able secure voice conferencing system, so that users can leverage opensource tools like Linux, OpenVPN, and Asterisk for a turn key solution to create secure voice networks from a usb drive. Info here.
  • Customizing and extending Ushahidi and Swiftriver to provide a platform for aggregating, verifying, and dispatching time sensitive information in hostile environments.
  • The Tapatio project was a solution that was used in mass direct actions to gather tactical information, categorize that information based on type and urgency, rate the information for reliability, and then dispatch reliable information to individuals in the streets based on the criteria they request.