Systems Administrator

I was introduced to Stephany Ashley of St. James Infirmary in the Fall of 2015 and have been happy to provide them with Systems Administration support since then. St. James Infirmary is an occupational resource center for sex workers. Space and resources for the Transgender Variant and Intersex Justice Project is shared by SJI. Together the groups have an office network, network attached storage with managed backups, VLAN partitioned wireless network access, a DTMF door entry system, and a cell service amplification system, and custom business logic database applications (a patient records database for SJI and a prisoner contact database for TGIJP).

Medical Records Database

St. James Infirmary makes use of a custom python web application based on the Django admin interface. The decision to make use of a custom web application for tracking participant care as opposed to using the cities electronic medical records system to additionally protect the privacy of its participants from existing state surveillance. The application replicates paper forms that make up a participant chart. My contribution to the application involved upgrading the system to a modern python and Django version, migration from sqlite to MySQL, managing releases and environments, fixing bugs, and adding features. The organization is planning on migrating the system to OpenEMR.

4G LTE Amplifer deployment

St. James Infirmary, the sex-worker occupational resources cente located at 234 Eddy St, in SF, is at the first floor of a 6 story building that creates a dead zone for 4G LTE. Since cell phone communication is one of the most used tools of the clients at SJI an amplifier had to be installed to provide service to the dead zones of the building. From the roof a directional antenna was installed pointed towards one of the downtown towers, and length of LMR 400 was run down the side of the building and into the server closet connecting a WeBoost Connect 4G-x. From there an additional length of LMR 400 was run to the internal antenna.

St. James Infirmary at 234 Eddy St

St. James Infirmary was forced to move under the financial pressure of the tech industry in SOMA [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. Fortunately for them and their community they were able to move to the Tenderloin where they are surrounded by other overlapping neighborhood social services. The office opened with a working intranet complete with wifi coverage, analog voice service, and a number of printers. Coming soon: DTMF door access control, and extended cell phone service via micro-cell amplifier.

DTMF Door Entry System

The St. James Infirmary office at 234 Eddy St houses a number of workers, supervised programs, and clinics throughout the week. During the office peak hours the front door is staffed by a security guard and the front desk is staffed by an administrative assistant. During off-peak hours additional managed door access control functionality was needed. Viking Rugged E-30 intercoms alongside Viking SRC-1 relays were chosen as a solution to allow staff members to use the existing phone infrastructure to screen people at the front door and use a password to buzz people in.