Systems Administrator

Zocalo, owned and operated by Sara Ubelhart, is a center in San Leandro for people to gather and drink coffee and share food. At their coffee-shop location they have a High Availability uplink, a network for their wireless PoS system, they provide overhead internet streaming audio , and offer wireless internet access for its customers. At the roaster there is a San Franciscan roaster with an Artisan deployment. The roaster has been hacked to log the temperature of the afterburner and power state for EPA compliance.

Custom HA Uplink

Zocalo coffee shop migrated to digital registers with a solution from square. While these devices are able to process transactions off-line, some types of transactions need the square registers to be on-line. At the time the coffee shop had only one up-link provided by Comcast. Comcast was providing good service at the time, but with the increased demand for the registers to be on-line they needed higher availability.

Arduino + thermocouple + Perl + MySQL + Linux = EPA Compliance

Sara Ubelhart, Sole proprietor of, Zocalo coffee house roasts from an classic hand built roaster made by the San Franciscan Roaster Company. The roaster comes with , These features provide the data source for the roaster's Artisan deployment. The EPA requirement stated , "". To achieve this an additional thermocouple and current sensor was added to the afterburner.