FM Transmitter with a web page

Firmware was developed for a 8051 microcontroller based transmitter for Free Radio Berkeley. A PLL, keypad / LCD interface, and web interface are dynamically controlled by the micro-controller. The concept of a Terminal is abstracted in the software so that there is code reuse between different IO combinations.

An interesting component of this project is the Lantronix XPort, "a compact, integrated solution to web enable virtually any device with serial capability". This device, with a footprint not much bigger then a quarter, has a ethernet jack, and an embeded OS with a webserver and telnet, and SNMP support. The device is connected to the protoboard communicating with the 8051F005 on three wires using the SPI protocol.

All development for this project was done on a Silicon Labs 8051F005 development kit with the Silicon Labs IDE.