When running a postfix/mysql mail server configuration there is a need to manage the email accounts in the database. phpMyAdmin could be used for this, but this may still be too complicated for some users. emailDBAdministration was written to provide a simple web interface to configure forwards, and new email accounts on a postfix/mysql mail server.

This is by no means a simple / generic tool that can just be loaded on to the web server without some munging of the code, but it gives an example of a
PHP code base for providing this solution.

The set of classes used to implement this solution model the database schema using "Data Mapper" or "Integrated Mapper" design pattern to provide a DAO interface. The code, for the most part was recycled from the bellancora project. By abstracting out the concept of a specific database, and then specific objects in that database (as child classes) into unique classes code like this can be written:


You can browse the repo for this project here.