OpenEMR is the most popular open source electronic health records and medical practice management solution. It was chosen for SJI because it is free, 2014 ONC certified, and is a superior alternative to its proprietary counterparts. These features allow SJI to run an EMR on their own terms, with their own custom forms, integrated with our lab providers, improve continuity of care across multiple providers for our participants, all without compromising the privacy of our participants like would happen if they were to get on the citys system, EPIC.

Our clinic services include medical drop in, mental health services, peer counseling, holistic services, and a trans specific clinic day supporting members navigating hormone and surgical care. Customizing the system out of the box involved overloading the binary 'sex' value in the DB to support multiple genders, adding a number of new encounter forms, establishing connectivity with DPH's ApolloLIMS to facilitate the electronic transmission of lab requisition requests and results.

So the clinic can make use of this service on its own terms with out sharing participant information with outside entities the EMR is hosted on site with full disk encryption, and regularly encrypted backups. In this way if the system was confiscated participant information would not be able to be pulled from the system and we would be able to get back online as soon as the backups are restored.

By setting up interconnectivity with SFDPH's ApolloLIMS the clinic is able to reduce the denied requisition requests and is able to improve accuracy of result logging as it is no longer a manual process.