Systems Administration

Medical Records Database

St. James Infirmary makes use of a custom python web application based on the Django admin interface. Using a custom web application for tracking participant care as opposed to using the cities electronic medical records system allows the organization to further protect it's participants from law enforcement surveillance. The application replicates paper forms that make up a participant chart. My contribution to the application involved upgrading the system to a modern python and Django version, migration from sqlite to MySQL, managing releases and development environments, fixing bugs, and adding features. The organization is planning on migrating the system to OpenEMR.

4G LTE Amplifer deployment

St. James Infirmary, the sex-worker lead occupational resource center located at 730 Polk St., previously at 234 Eddy St, was at the first floor of a 6 story building that created a cellphone dead zone. An amplifier was required to provide service to the first floor office. From the roof a directional antenna was installed pointing towards one of the downtown towers, LMR 400 was run down the side of the building into the server closet connecting a WeBoost Connect 4G-x, from where more LMR 400 connects to the internal antenna. There is still not complete coverage to the whole office with a single antenna, but this kit could be upgraded with an additional 3 indoor antennas that would complete service to the entire office if there was sufficient funding.

Wordpress trigger for Nagios on-call

Radical Designs needed a tool to update their rotating on-call list each month. The were already making use of WordPress for their internal documentation. To tie the two together A script was written to log into the WordPress site, parse a contact list, and then rotate and update the on-call list from the WordPress blog page managed by staff to the Nagios contact config. The on-call rotation was triggered throughout the day (in case a schedule was swapped by updating the WordPress page) via Cron.

Linux Kickstart installations

This solution was created to solve the problem of enabling hands free remote installations of Linux boxes [1]. The objects that implement this solution are; a kick-start server, a networked rpm based Linux box (client), and the kick-start rpm. The kickstart server is configured as described in the resources section. Some of the code and ideals here are from Gary [2], and Aaron Gowatch.

Nagios Plugins

"Nagios is the industry standard in enterprise-class monitoring. It allows you to gain insight into your network and fix problems before customers know they even exist. It's stable, scale-able, supported, and extensible ..."

I have found that having a Nagios environment is indispensable for keeping an eye on any distributed application or set of hosts I am responsible for. is a small not for profit organization that I contributed my time to as a technical point of contact, web application developer, and database administrator. While working with them I developed a content management system to support their website and conference registration database.


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