Web Development

Web Development is a unique subset of Software Engineering. Throughout the years I have have exported functionality through web browsers. I only take Web Development assignments under special consideration because Graphic Design, UI/UX is difficult for me.


davidmcclymonds.com is a portfolio site [1] for David McClymonds journalism work. At the time David was a journalism student getting ready to join the professional world of journalism, and he's my friend. He wanted a simple site, with a simple look, where he could showcase his writing.


morganhowland.com was a portfolio site for Moragn Howland's photography. Morgan is a professional photographer who was looking for a very simple site layout that would allow him to easily update his photo galleries on a website and provide a slick way for users to browse his work. He didn't want a whole lot of bells and whistles.


blomstdesign.com is a portfolio site for Kristen Hanson's floral arrangement company. She came to me looking for a simple site where she could have a small online presence explaining her services, and upload images of her floral arrangements. I told her I would do it in exchange for a plane ticket to San Francisco, then ended up fixing her home network in exchange for lunch. Its nice having a skill you can trade.

Her company never got off the ground, and the live site has been taken down. You can find some screen shots and discussion on the techniques I used below.


Radical Designs is a full service web development worker owned and managed cooperative focused on the needs of non-profit and grassroots social change organizations. I started contracting with the group via a sub-contract to their hosting provider Electric Embers for a few SYMPA features and to extend a sympa unit test suite to provide coverage for their new features.
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