Fax tone parsing

A high level of quality assurance for fax reception is required at medical clinics since faxing is the primary technology used for communication between participant's pharmacies and their prescribing physician at the clinic. A combination of SpanDSP, Asterisk call files, Asterisk MixMonitor() application, and Nagios provides a solution.

The SpanDSP project offers a modem connect tone library capable of parsing individual fax tones from an audio stream. Using this library I was able to write a simple CED tone check for nagios (based on spandsp's fax_decode test).

A remote asterisk server, with PSTN connectivity provided by callcentric, generates a call file via cron which calls the target fax number, records both channels of the call, then processes the recording with the custom nagios CED tone check.

IT Manager

As the IT Manager of St. James Infirmary my responsibilities are IT asset management, network management, VoIP system management, and development and migration to OpenEMR.

Custom HA Uplink

Zocalo coffee shop migrated to digital registers with a solution from square. While these devices are able to process transactions off-line, some types of transactions need the square registers to be on-line. At the time the coffee shop had only one up-link provided by Comcast. Comcast was providing good service at the time, but with the increased demand for the registers to be on-line they needed higher availability.

Systems Administrator

I was a member of the streaming operations team. My employment with AOL started as a internship in the Summer of 2002, after working into the late Fall my position was up. I was hired as a full time employee in the Spring of 2003. While there I worked as a Systems Administrator, Systems Developer, and Oracle Database Administrator.

Systems Developer

As a Systems Administrator for San Francisco State University Computer Science department during my last few years in college I was responsible for the upper division computer science lab. This is where my true love for Linux and open source really developed, a community of like minded hackers worked together there to make the best of the limited resources we had. If I had moved into the server room I could have saved all the financial aid that I spent on rent. I miss the environment and community we intentionally created there.


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