Medical Records Database

St. James Infirmary makes use of a custom python web application based on the Django admin interface. Using a custom web application for tracking participant care as opposed to using the cities electronic medical records system allows the organization to further protect it's participants from law enforcement surveillance. The application replicates paper forms that make up a participant chart. My contribution to the application involved upgrading the system to a modern python and Django version, migration from sqlite to MySQL, managing releases and development environments, fixing bugs, and adding features. The organization is planning on migrating the system to OpenEMR.

Wordpress trigger for Nagios on-call

Radical Designs needed a tool to update their rotating on-call list each month. The were already making use of WordPress for their internal documentation. To tie the two together A script was written to log into the WordPress site, parse a contact list, and then rotate and update the on-call list from the WordPress blog page managed by staff to the Nagios contact config. The on-call rotation was triggered throughout the day (in case a schedule was swapped by updating the WordPress page) via Cron.

Web Development

Web Development is a unique subset of Software Engineering. Throughout the years I have have exported functionality through web browsers. I only take Web Development assignments under special consideration because Graphic Design, UI/UX is difficult for me. is a portfolio site [1] for David McClymonds journalism work. At the time David was a journalism student getting ready to join the professional world of journalism, and he's my friend. He wanted a simple site, with a simple look, where he could showcase his writing. was a site that facilitated the re-selling of designer wedding dresses. Working closely with the web designer, Derek Durivage of, using common software development best practices and design patterns, an object oriented database abstraction library was written in php. The classes written for this project model the database schema using a "Data Mapper" or "Integrated Mapper" design pattern to provide a DAO interface, and provides an interface for object creation through factory methods. is a portfolio site for Kristen Hanson's floral arrangement company. She came to me looking for a simple site where she could have a small online presence explaining her services, and upload images of her floral arrangements. I told her I would do it in exchange for a plane ticket to San Francisco, then ended up fixing her home network in exchange for lunch. Its nice having a skill you can trade.

Her company never got off the ground, and the live site has been taken down. You can find some screen shots and discussion on the techniques I used below. is a small not for profit organization that I contributed my time to as a technical point of contact, web application developer, and database administrator. While working with them I developed a content management system to support their website and conference registration database.


Radical Designs is a full service web development worker owned and managed cooperative focused on the needs of non-profit and grassroots social change organizations. I started contracting with the group via a sub-contract to their hosting provider Electric Embers for a few SYMPA features and to extend a sympa unit test suite to provide coverage for their new features.
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