Systems Administrator

I worked on a contract basis with Anderson Consulting Group as a Systems Administrator. They are a very small computer liquidation company that needs a production systems administrator from time to time.
Performed Linux and FreeBSD installations. Kickstart was leveraged for Linux installs. View notes on methods used here.
Installed, administered, and tunned MySQL databases.
Installed and configured Subversion and viewcvs.

Systems Administrator

I worked as a Systems Administrator for The Women's Building in San Francisco. The Women's Building is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-service center for women and girls. My work there was on a volunteer basis as part of a independent study at SFSU. Their network was a collection of windows workstations and a Linux box for administration. The requirements for their system were beyond their budget which led to the development of a web application and some unruly hacks.

Systems Administrator

I was a member of the streaming operations team. My employment with AOL started as a internship in the Summer of 2002, after working into the late Fall my position was up. I was hired as a full time employee in the Spring of 2003. While there I worked as a Systems Administrator, Systems Developer, and Oracle Database Administrator.

Arduino + thermocouple + Perl + MySQL + Linux = EPA Compliance

Sara Ubelhart, Sole proprietor of, Zocalo coffee house roasts from an classic hand built roaster made by the San Franciscan Roaster Company. The roaster comes with , These features provide the data source for the roaster's Artisan deployment. The EPA requirement stated , "". To achieve this an additional thermocouple and current sensor was added to the afterburner.

St. James Infirmary at 234 Eddy St

St. James Infirmary was forced to move under the financial pressure of the tech industry in SOMA [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. Fortunately for them and their community they were able to move to the Tenderloin where they are surrounded by other overlapping neighborhood social services. The office opened with a working intranet with wifi coverage, analog voice service, and a number of printers. Coming soon: DTMF door access control, and extended cell phone service via micro-cell amplifier.


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